Flexographic Washout Solvents

Absolute are the market leader in the supply and laundering of flexographic solvents in the UK.

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Gravo-Sol 22R


  • Designed for high speed processing of conventional and digital plates;
  • sophisticated hydrocarbon composition to improve washout and dry times;
  • low odour for improved working and to minimise residual odour in finished plates;
  • low operating temperature due to high solvency power to reduce power consumption;
  • ideal for customers with inhouse distillation as minimal rebalancing is required.


  • Naptha light aromatic 25-65%
  • phenylmethanol 5-25%
  • Naptha hydrotreated heavy 25-65%
  • Flashpoint >40ºC
  • Boiling Range 148-204ºC
  • Specific Gravity 0.836g/cm3 @20ºC