Flexographic Washout Solvents

Absolute are the market leader in the supply and laundering of flexographic solvents in the UK.

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Flexographic Washout Solvents

Absolute Solvents continue to be the UK‘s leading supplier of washout solvents, offering the right chemistry for fast, effective and safe processing of photopolymer printing plates.

With efficient collection of waste washout solvents for reprocessing at our recycling facility and legal disposal of waste distillation residues.

The Choice of Washout Solvents

Flexosol PB3: traditionally fast evaporating perchloroethylene and butanol blend.

Solv-Octanol: established non-chlorinated hydrocarbon based solvent in wide use throughout the UK.

Kleen-Wash: turpene based washout solvent with pleasant odour.

Gravo-Sol 22R: new, faster, low odour hydrocarbon washout solvent suitable for most brands of photopolymer plates.

Absolute Solvents are actively seeking to further enhance the performance of our flexographic washout solvents to provide improved wash and dry times.