Degreasing Solvents

Absolute provide advanced degreasing solutions developed to minimise enviromental impact.

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Degreasing Solvents

Absolute Solvents offer the right chemistry for fast and effective degreasing. Our service can incorporate the collection of waste solvents and packaging. The company continues to strive to improve the performance of our degreasing solvents to lower operating costs.

The choice of Degreasing Solvents:

Trichloroethylene (Trike): universally accepted degreaser for use in a vapour degreaser.

Pro-Kleen: high temperature degreaser designed to substitute for Trike.

Ultra-Kleen: low boiling degreaser designed to substitute for Trike.

Vapour-Kleen: new generation Trike substitute, very effective with low energy requirements.

Panel Wipe: cold cleaning degreaser designed to be applied by hand.