Degreasing Solvents

Absolute provide advanced degreasing solutions developed to minimise enviromental impact.

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Flexographic Washout Solvents

Absolute are the market leader in the supply and laundering of flexographic solvents in the UK.

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Standard Thinners & Gunwash

Absolute are independent manufacturers of standard thinners & gunwash.

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Industrial Solvents

Absolute offer a wide range of recovered solvents ideal for many industrial applications.

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Solvent Recovery

Absolute offer bespoke solvent recovery solutions to maximise your profitability.

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Please note that we will require a 500ml sample of your waste should you decide to accept any offer we make.

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Please be aware that we are required by the Environment Agency to obtain a producer declaration should you decide to accept our quotation.

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Please contact our sales office for full details of current solvents available for sale.